Most germs, virus and bacteria can only be seen using microscopes and advanced technological instruments but not with the naked eye. We, humans, are also living with them although we do not actually see them. But we live with them in a battle because as we know, germs and bacteria aren’t best friends with humans. Yes, they exist for a balanced environment, however, we don’t live peacefully with them. What we do is try to eliminate them, not only with the use of plain tissues or patting, but with disinfectant products.

Disinfectant products are made basically to disinfect or to remove microorganisms which most probably might cause illnesses and health harm. Inside our homes, inside schools and offices, inside hospitals, everywhere humans are, cleanliness is maintained for everybody’s benefit. Common disinfectant products we see, bring, use and encounter include alcohol, air sprays, sanitizers, floor cleaners, bleach, detergents and wipes. The common question people have regarding them is – “How is it handled and used PROPERLY?” Well, you’re on the right page for here are 10 health tips for safe handling and use of disinfectant products you have at home. Here we go:

1 – Choose the Right Disinfectant

Safe handling and safe usage begin with safe selection. If you’re using the disinfectant properly while observing all in the instructions but using it on the wrong object or for the wrong purpose, then it’s useless. It’s like using fork to eat ice cream. If you’re holding it the right way and literally using it properly, but still use it for food which can’t be forked, then you’re doomed. Disinfectants have their own chief purposes, and as mostly and primarily chemicals, they shouldn’t be used interchangeably.

2 – Let the Label Tell You

Many people get into trouble due to overlooking this very crucial step in every product usage. For some, they find label reading a waste of time, so they just ask people what the product is about, its efficiency and its effective duration of use. While that’s also alright, it’s better if with your own eyes, you see the exact directions written on the disinfectant product’s container. You’ll also know if the product is healthy for you and suitable for your specific need. Disinfectants usually have harsh chemicals and others which are poisonous, and reading the label will eliminate or at least lessen the chances of you faced with accidents and health problems.

3 – Label Containers

For lesser trash, you might have experienced reusing a bottle for other different liquids. For many, it is also common for disinfectants and for other…

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