The thing about hair fall is that there seems to be no end to it. You wake up every day to your pillowcase streaked with strands of hair, or you leave the bathroom with hair all over the basin and sink.

The constant and persistent hair fall is enough to turn even the calmest and composed person into bonkers. So what do you do?

Instead of looking at the expensive over the counter treatments and therapies, read on to find out the home remedies that can help to cure hair fall naturally and reduce split ends, hair thinning, and all kinds of hair issues.

What causes hair loss?

Loss of hair from the scalp due to dryness, dandruff, and infection of the scalp is the dermatological condition of hair fall.

It can be genetic, hormonal, due to an infection, medical treatments of stress and anxiety. But the question is can it be reversed?

Interesting facts about your hair you never knew

Your hair is the best part of your body that depicts growth. Did you know that on an average, a human hair grows for about 1.27 cm every month? Yes, that’s true!

Whenever you shed a hair, a new hair grows at its place that has a life cycle of approximately two to six years. In this duration, the hair goes through many stages of growth.

It is entirely possible to enhance hair health and check hair fall by employing many home remedies for hair fall. Read on ahead as we list the best of all home remedies to cure hair fall naturally.

Top excellent home remedies for hair fall

Follow through with a combination of home remedies for the natural cure of hair fall. All the natural solutions are incredibly useful for the natural treatment of all kinds of scalp diseases and hair problems.

1. Almond oil

Almonds are a rich source of Magnesium and Vitamin E, these form the cornerstone as the reasons to eat almonds. You can make it a habit of eating them before going to bed.

It also helps if you rub the scalp with pure almond oil to enhance the growth of healthy hair. Almond oil strengthens the roots and nourishes the scalp with vitamin E.

2. Indian gooseberry

Apply the vitamin-C rich extract of Indian gooseberry on the scalp to soothe the hair follicles, regenerate new scalp cells and cure bacterial and fungal infection of the scalp.

3. Onions

Smear your hair and scalp with onion paste and juice to enhance blood circulation and nourish the scalp along with fighting dandruff for good.

4. Castor oil

Apply undiluted castor oil directly to the scalp to hydrate and prevent the bacterial and fungal outbreak on the scalp. Castor oil contains undecylenic acid and…

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