Plaster is used for coating the walls and ceilings to prevent the walls from wear and tear. Plaster makes the wall smooth. The main purpose of using plasters on the surface of the wall is to reach the smooth and hard surface that should be wonderful looking and long lasting. Plastering is one of the most ancient building techniques being used. Throughout the history, these materials have gone through major changes and they kept on improving and changing by every new era of construction. Plaster provides cleanliness and sanitation in buildings and is also fire resistant. Gyprockers are the newest plasters in markets that have become extremely popular in modern constructions.

Gyprockers plasterboards are internal wall linings that are used in commercial and residential constructions. It is mostly used for the plastering of ceilings, roofs and floors. Other names of gyprock are drywall panels, gypsum boards, wallboard, and plasterboard. You can change your ceilings by using gyprocks. Gyprocks are most commonly used building material today. There are many varieties of gyprock available today.

Benefits of gyprockers

There are many benefits of this material which have made it popular among architects and builders, some of the major benefits of this are given below:

  • It is faster to install
  • It is cheaper
  • It is available in a wide range
  • It gives a wonderful look
  • It is a hard material
  • It is durable
  • It can be used for decorative ceilings
  • It is easier to transport
  • It is light in weight
  • Versatile
  • Provides a smooth finish
  • Easy to repair
  • It is recyclable
  • Environment-friendly

Types of Gyprockers

There are many types of types of plasterboard available in the market or celling systems where high levels of acoustic insulation, impact resistant, moisture or mould resistance are needed. Commercial boards are designed to satisfy the performance in commercial projects. It is available in a complete range of plasterboards that can be used in residential and commercial buildings. Gyprockers or plaster boards that are widely used by builders and architects are:

  • Wallboard
  • Vapour check board
  • Soundproof board
  • Water resistant board
  • Impact plasterboard
  • 4 into 1 plasterboard

Why it is easy to maintain?

It is thin and thus it is easier to repair. You can simply repaint it to make it look new again. Therefore, it is quite easy to maintain.

Where to find Gyprockers

You can look for the gyprock services online or offline. But don’t forget to take references from your friends and family and you will easily find local plasterer who is trusted and can provide high-quality work. Here are the places are given below where you can look for gyprock services.

  • Yellow pages
  • Online reviews
  • References
  • Online yellow pages
  • Online websites and web portals of plasterers

If you are planning to renovate your home or you are making a new house, then you should decide on the type of plaster you want to use for your walls and ceilings. Now after reading this article you must have gathered a lot of knowledge about gyprocks, therefore, do consider it in your list of materials as it is low in cost, easy to install and the best material for decorative ceilings. Don’t try to do this job yourself as it is a complicated task and requires a skilled and professional craftsmanship hence should only be done by labourers who are expert in the field and have many years of experience and knowledge. Otherwise you will end up wasting more money than saving.

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