Florence and Fred (which you often find under the abbreviation F & F) is the Tesco’s own brand and line of clothing, encompassing men and women clothing into their trendy clothing editions and catering to all the demands and requirements of their numerous customers as they take their feedback very seriously. With Florence and Fred, Tesco wants to establish their brand name as the best and wishes to be known for its cheekiness yet comfort providing designs.

If you are looking for a new wardrobe addition this year, you must look into F&F clothing and style up gradation for an upbeat look. You can also turn to Florence and Fred for all sorts of trend and styling solutions as they now have a vast variety in shoes, dresses, designer wears, workplace attire, stylish lingerie and unique and gorgeous accessories.

Generally, your objective of business and marketing is what sets you apart from your competitors. As for Florence and Fred, the purpose and sole objective is to become the most popular brand yet offer affordable clothing which is equally trendy and cheeky.

They do not only want their business to flourish in leaps and bounds but they also want their customers to be the most satisfied from their product. So, naturally their mission is to be able to produce a classy and suave look that their customers demand yet keeping everything affordable, durable and sustainable.

Tesco also wishes to be able to be a resolving pot or hub for all the igniting issues of fashion industry. They hope to do justice to their global brand through which they wish to fulfill their responsibility towards a better world and time.

Florence and Fred is successfully progressing ahead and that has been possible only because of their untiring and highly motivated vendors and suppliers. Environment plays a vital role in any life sphere and in their business; Tesco intends to keep the environment safe and pure with least consumption of dangerous or harmful materials or disposal impact.

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