Running a household imbued with lifelong health, safety, and happiness is not an easy task, especially if you have a couple of younglings to take care of, and a furry friend that doesn’t mind shedding and leaving paw prints all over the furniture. In fact, being a parent can be downright exhaustive if you don’t organize your personal and professional life, and adapt your living environment for day-long safety and health.

Don’t worry, these needn’t be expensive alterations, nor should you make any grand changes in your habits and routine, as there are just a couple of essential changes you need to make. Here’s what you need to know.

Build a culture of healthy eating

The road to a healthy household starts in the kitchen. Everything from the cookware you use to prepare your world-famous dishes, to the little healthy snacks you stock in your fridge such as organic apples and vitamin-rich vegetables, all of the elements of your kitchen need to portray an image of health and vibrancy.

First off, ditch the Teflon. Research has shown time and time again that Teflon products can leak hazardous chemicals under heat, and your kids should be nowhere near that stuff. Next, teach your family members about the benefits of a plant-based diet, and work towards ridding your kitchen of unhealthy meat and dairy products for good.

Keep it clean

You might have gotten away with using toxic proprietary cleaners before you had a family, you might have even skipped cleaning your living environment altogether, but all of that should be a thing of the past. Quite simply, there can be no room for chemicals in your home, nor can there be any room for dirt or untidiness.

Instead of using abrasive cleaners with hazardous ingredients, stick to natural, homemade cleaning products that you can make from ingredients lying around in your kitchen. Next, work to uphold and instill a culture of cleanliness in your home, and impart the importance of cleaning the living environment regularly to your kids.

Banish the silent toxins

There is no denying the fact that the air we breathe, even in the confines of our home, is filled with toxins and chemicals seeping in from the outside world. Let’s tackle that problem a bit later, and for now, let’s focus on the toxins that might be residing in your home.

Older homes, for instance, that have been erected in the 20th century, were made out of asbestos, which is a highly-toxic mineral that can cause serious health conditions when inhaled. This is why it’s important to run an asbestos clearance inspection in your home in order to ensure it is safe for you and your family members. If you notice any holes in your walls, chips, or scratches, be sure to contact an asbestos crew right away.

Allow plenty of unadulterated fun

Household safety is imperative for a thriving family home, especially if you’ve got a couple of vivacious kids on your hands that don’t mind making a mess when playing. Of course, if not kid-proofed properly, you cannot allow your kids to enjoy the unadulterated fun they deserve. This is why you should introduce the necessary safety measures in every room.

Start with the bathroom by putting non-slip mats in the tub and on the floor. Move on to the living room and the kitchen, and put baby locks on all drawers and cabinets. Complete the new setup by putting adhesive cushions on all sharp edges and corners in order to prevent nasty bumps and bruises. Now simply let your kids play!

Improve the air quality in every room

Air quality, as we’ve mentioned earlier, is of the utmost importance in a modern household, for your sake, and the sake of your children. The toxins and pathogens that reside in the air outside can easily find their way into your living environment, not to mention that harmful bacteria can settle in damp rooms, creating mold and nasty mildew.

All of these hazards can affect your long-term health, and even lead to pulmonary problems in developing children. This is why air-purification should be one of your priorities, so make sure you introduce air-purifying plants in every room, as well as a real air purifier to aid the cause. You also want to keep the air relatively dry, in order to prevent mold-associated health conditions down the road.

Creating a safe and healthy home might not be an easy task, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t effective steps you can take to quickly improve your living conditions. With these essential steps covered, you will have created an oasis of health and happiness for your family.

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