Aside from showering, performing our skincare routine, and picking out an outfit for the day; many of us tend to spend a lot of time doing our makeup to ensure that we look fresh and presentable throughout the day. I use the best products to ensure that we look our best.

Unfortunately, neither of us are immune to a little beauty faux pas every now and then, especially when we’re under a lot of pressure and stress.

While that may be the case, there are a handful of emergency makeup hacks we can perform to fix these embarrassing moments. Here are some life-saving tips to remember:

1. Emergency oil management

If you have oily skin and are prone to shine, it always helps to use blotting sheets to absorb excess oil. However, if you ran out you can always use disposable toilet seat covers to dab on your face for the same effect.

2. Greasy hair

Greasy hair can make you look tired and unkempt. To remedy this problem, grab some translucent powder and lightly dust the product on your scalp. Shake it well into your hair or brush it through with a handy comb for equal distribution. Make sure to leave no visible traces of powder.

3. Handy deodorant

If you ran out of deodorant or forgot to apply some in the morning, use baby wipes to wipe your underarms to clean the skin. Apply hand sanitizer after to combat odour-causing bacteria.

4. Avoid lipstick stains

A beautiful smile can be ruined when lipstick stains appear on our teeth. Combat this embarrassing moment by slipping your finger in your mouth, wrap your lips around the finger and gently slide it out to see if there are any lipstick marks.

5. Correct with concealer

Applying perfect winged eyeliner can take a lot of time. For moments where you may accidentally made a few mistakes and don’t feel like redoing your wings, simply dab on concealer on the splotchy areas and blend into your eyelid.

6. Perfume as polish remover

For times where your nails aren’t looking too good and you ran out of polish remover, spritz some perfume unto your nail and rub it off with a cotton…

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