We have grown up hearing how an apple a day can keep the doctor away. This fruit is exceptionally healthy and contains research-backed benefits. It’s nutritious as well helping your body get the supply of key nutrients like potassium, manganese, vitamins etc. Apples are crunchy, high in water and fibrous and this type of fruits are very helpful for the body. From losing weight to keeping your skin refreshed, from boosting brain health to supporting dental health, apples are known to do all. And yes, organic apples are free from the dangers of pesticides and herbs that are used these days.

Eating organic apples keeps your healthy in many ways, including –

1. Good for Bowel Movement

When it comes to calming the bowel, no fruit work as effective as apples do. They are good for preventing constipation or diarrhea or bloating or abdominal pain. Since apples are high in fibre, doctors recommend them to anyone with irritable bowel syndrome. You can thus include apples in your regular diet schedule and keep your bowel movement perfect. And when the bowel is working fine, you can enjoy the quality in life and feel good about yourself.

2. Improved Immune System

Your body is only as healthy as your immune system. If you get cold and seasonal flu quite often, this show your defence system is not strong enough to prevent the attacks of germs and bacteria. If you want to avoid getting sick during the cold season, there’s no better way than eating an apple and get the desired result. More so, you can also use apple cider vinegar and improve your immune system considerably. And when the body defence is fortified, you’re less likely to fall prey to those frequent bouts of sickness and fever.

3. Superior Memory

Did you know that apples are good for your brain health? Well, not many are aware about this but it’s true and you can eat more of this fruit to keep your memory sharper and brain stronger. In fact, studies have shown people eating apples more often are less like to suffer from Alzheimer in later years of their life. The fruit is known to cause the production of acetylcholine which helps in keeping the memory intact for longer years than usual. So, eat apples more often and remain young at brain.

4. Weight Manager

People on weight management eat lots of apples regularly as they know the benefits of doing the same. Because, this is a fruit low on calorie and high on fibre, as items are always helpful in regard to shedding some flabs. More importantly, when you eat foods containing high fibre content, you are sure to not gain weight and also sure to keep your heart health. Eating apples mean you not only get less calories but also feel fuller and this saves you from being obese. The fibre in apples does the trick and never allows weight to strike you.

5. Cancer prevention

Some studies even claim that apples can help prevent cancer. You thus have no reason to believe otherwise as this fruit is magical, and it’s always been known the same. The presence of a high level of Vitamin C and fibre makes apples superfood in true sense and saving your from a variety of disease, including cancer. More importantly, it’s the antioxidants (quercein and triterpenoids) which are supposedly known to slow down the growth of cancer cells. You can trust research and start eating apples more often to stay healthy and disease-free.

6. Refreshed Skin and Anti-Aging Benefits

Any mention of top foods for cleansing and detox has to include apples. They are a superfood capable of helping the body remove needless toxins and heat. And when your body is free of toxins, its effects can be visible on the skin which feels refreshed and youthful. Wrinkles too are less when you eat apples regular and it is due to anti-aging properties of the fruit. Organic apples will also keep your liver healthy and disease free. Clearly, this superfood has tons of benefits and it must be part of your daily diet for sure.

7. Healthier, Whiter Teeth

Dentists recommend eating an apple a day to those looking for natural ways to whiten their teeth. This fruit works as nature’s toothbrush or also works as a scrubbing brush which can remove bacteria and stains from the teeth easily. The malic acid found in apples is actually used extensively in teeth whitening products. Plus, the fibrous and crunchy nature of the fruit ensures that your teeth and gums get a well-deserved exercise and stay as healthy as they should be. You can this start eating apple regularly to keep your teeth healthy, bright and happy. This will also save you from teeth braces price and other dental issues in future.

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