Diastasis recti occur in abdominal and it is like a gap in between your right and left abdominal. If it occurs in your body, you see a bulge in your stomach. There are no major issues because of diastasis recti but it can cause pain in your lower back, constipation and urinary incontinence. It occurs due to poor posture, incorrect exercises and overweight. It generally occurs in pregnant women because of the growth of the baby in the abdomen. There are a few tips to prevent diastasis recti:

  • Avoid heavy lifting – It is advisable to people who have diastasis recti or pregnant women to avoid heavy lifting at all and if in any case, they have to practice safe and easy techniques for it. Not to bend directly, but bend on your knees and keep your back straight and then pick the object. This will cause no sudden jerk on your back and abdomen. It can strain your back and lead you to many problems in the future.
  • Improve your posture – It is very important that you improve your posture of standing position. While standing make sure your shoulders are not slouching and you stand straight. Your shoulders should be straight in line with your hips. To have a correct posture is very important for any human beings because it is useful for everyone and having a correct posture of sitting and standing can also enhance your looks and personality.
  • Avoid core exercises – It is good that you do exercises and yoga on a daily basis, but it is advisable that you avoid hard exercises which will directly impact your abdomen and back. Try and avoid exercises in which you require to hold positions for a long time especially exercises related to abs. Avoid those exercises that put a lot stretch on the abdomen. It is always suggested that whenever you plan to start with exercises for your daily routine you start with easy ones and then go to the harder ones.
  • Avoid “coning” during pregnancy – Coning generally occurs when you do exercise incorrectly, or the one that puts stress on your abdominal. It is very important that your belly should be round and smooth all over and if you see any coning it is always suggested that you lay down to your either sides instead straight on your back. Make sure you make it a habit of sleeping positions on the side instead of straight because it can cause you not only diastasis recti but a lot more problems as well.
  • No crunches during pregnancy or right after your baby is delivered – Crunches can add direct stress on your abdominal, it can separate your abdominal even more and it becomes worse if you are pregnant. There are no benefits of crunches during pregnancy. Instead of such exercises, it is always suggested to focus on those exercises that can strengthen your core.

Visiting a doctor for regular checkups is must but taking proper care of yourself is always the first and important step. These tips will surely help you to prevent diastasis recti.

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