Did you know that an appropriate way of drying your clothes can make a lot of difference on their appearance and feel? That is something very important to note. However, the big question would be how to do it the right way. This guide is meant for you so that you can decide if you want to tumble dry or air dry your clothes.

To begin with, ensure your clothes are free from any stains because if you dry them with a stain, it will be very hard to remove it when the cloth is already dry. You should also know that different materials of clothes require different ways of drying them.

When drying knitwear, put them dry flat away from direct heat. You can also get tips or instructions from the care label. Cotton and linen are dried on a hot setting if you are using a drier. You can also hang them outside on a washing line or using a clothes dryer. When hanging woolens, you should be careful because they tend to lose their shape when hung up. You can use a flat table or use a special drying screen.

There are two methods of drying your clothes:

a) Using a tumble dryer

You should begin by checking the garments’ care label for any specific instructions given. Tumble dryers tend to dry clothes faster although not all fabrics are suitable for tumble drying. Whether you want your clothes to dry faster, if the clothes in question are not appropriate for tumble drying, and then you have to use other methods such as a hanging line.

Ensure there is enough space while tumble drying your clothes so that they can have enough space to move around. If you do so, your clothes your clothes will dry faster and they will not have a lot of wrinkles. If you plan to iron your clothes afterward, then it would be advisable to set drying time that will leave them slightly dump. Always remember to remove any build-up fluff from the lint tray of the machine.

b) Outside drying

If you choose to dry your clothes with sunlight, then ensure that bright or deep dyed clothes are put in the shade to avoid fading. You can also turn then inside out. Using color care detergents is also good because they will help maintain the color of your clothes. Sunlight is very beneficial to white clothing because they will not only be brighter, but any stain on them will fade away…

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