There is something inherently familiar about baking, I always think about my childhood and the voice of my mother encouraging me to add some flour, or to not be too hesitant about that egg. I know how to handle eggs now, but I still think about those moments every time I pop a cake into the oven. It’s something about working with all these materials to create such a wonderful treat; how eggs, milk, sugar and flour act together and how all those spices create a bouquet of mouth-watering flavours.

Whenever I smell this sweetness I think of busy Saturday mornings standing in the kitchen and dusting every surface, and of the lazy Saturday afternoons spent on the sofa. I remember eating cake and cookies with the family, because it’s something that binds together (as food always does) and I remember eating those treats as something you take time for, something you enjoy and celebrate. Either with a cup of coffee or a good cup of tea.

Especially Christmas time is spend with family and beloved people (if you’re lucky), and it often involves eating Christmas biscuits and other devilish treats usually involving chocolate and marzipan. But what I love even more than eating those packages of bliss and holiday feelings is making them, and I usually bake them with my mother. That’s a tradition I will definitely try to uphold in the decades to come because for me it’s just a mother-daughter thing, and it will not feel the same doing it alone or with others (although that has its very own quality). This year the baking spree took place both because it’s an annual tradition and simply because I currently aren’t in possession of an oven. Funny thing though. When you don’t have one all those wonderful recipes involving an oven come to your mind. Let me tell you, it was fun and ended with me having belly aches because I ate too much dough. I seem to make the same mistakes every year. But let’s have a look at some wonderful recipes:

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