Hey everyone. How have your weekends all been? I’ve had a busy one with one of my best friends birthday parties and next week I have my own housewarming party to host which I am super excited about. It got me thinking about party planning in London and all of the best places to go when you’ve got guests that aren’t familiar with London life.

For days out London is super easy to have a good time, there are lots of restaurants in London, amazing shopping (especially on the side streets of Carnaby St and Oxford Circus) and so many tourist spots in London that it’s impossible to get them all done in one weekend. But, nights out can be a bit more difficult to orchestrate. In smaller cities (like my hometown, Manchester) nights out are a lot easier to organize because you can walk from place to place easily. But in London, things take a little more planning so you avoid having to wait outside for clubs or heading to places that are too expensive.

I love heading out to a pub called the Shakespeare’s Head for the first drink. It’s on Carnaby Street, so it is definitely not a hidden gem. However, most of the time you can get to the bar without waiting longer than five minutes and it makes for a really good meeting spot as it’s pretty central and easy to spot.

One of the bars I really love (and you can also get food there) is Salvador & Amanda. The food there is really good as you can eat there if you’re just a little peckish or if you’re absolutely starving as the plates are small but very filling. There is always great music playing and a lot of people dancing, but I’ve never seen it too busy in there. The cocktails are amazing, I’d highly recommend having a mojito there. They also host flamenco shows and dance lessons so it really is quite a community.

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