When it comes to beauty products, I have things I like, love and then the things I can’t live without… My five beauty must-haves that are always on my beauty cabinet, in my travel bag and available! They’re kind of basic, but so essentials to my everyday routine. Most of these products I’ve used for years and a few are new to the lineup, like my hydrating serum.


As much as I love my lash extensions, I love my natural eye lashes and applying falsies if I need a little more length. I recently discovered the perfect combo for making my eyelashes look thick and voluminous.

This castor oil from Amazon has giving my lashes the conditioning it needs to keep my lashes growing after lash extensions. For years I’ve spent money on lash serum, but found this is the best bang for my buck. I also started to use my lash curler, this Tarte wand is my favorite. For years I stop using my lash curler and I honestly wonder why?! It’s such an essential in our beauty kit and makes a huge difference.

As for mascaras, Rimmel’s ScandalEyes RetroGlam has been #1 in my book for over two years. The mascara wand allows you to curl your lashes while applying the mascara. It gives you so much volume, it’s amazing! It also lasts for months, so you’re not running to Target every month to pick up a new mascara.

Next is the IT Cosmetic Tightline. I LOOOOOOVE this mascara. After I curl my top lashes, I use this little brush to prime my lashes, then I apply the Rimmel mascara. The Tightline mascara works wonders for my bottom lashes. Instead of using a larger wand, I use this smaller brush to coat my bottom lashes. This mascara is the absolute best, if there’s one thing that you decide to buy on your next trip to Sephora, make it this mascara.

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