Welcome to the era of speed and hastiness that makes us all such engrossed in our daily fast pace life that we want everything ready-made and rapidly. Be it our food, clothing, life hacks or useful tricks, we want everything in the shortest possible time. Even our make-up has started to come in the shape of stickers for an easy and hasty make over. So, in such an era, losing weight is a dilemma! All the tricks and hacks that you keep stumbling upon, mostly over the social media, may sound very appealing but they all are hoaxes for your attention. They simply exploit your need. Even if they do affect you positively, you won’t be able to maintain that for major difference in your shape and for long. We suggest you to patiently but religiously observe the 7 basic tips that have been there from many years as the most effective way to reduce your body to your wishful weight and shape.

Stop Skipping Meals

Generally, the moment we reach our turn over point, when we decide to finally take matters of our body shape in hand, and reduce weight, the biggest mistake we make is to start skipping meals in the hope to reduce our weight quickly. This must stop! Skipping our meals is a very bad idea. Instead of losing weight, you might actually end up gaining weight. This also kills all your motivation if you are starved but that doesn’t show on your weight or shape. You must begin your first step by reducing your food portions. Eat less but eat all the daily meals. Secondly, plan your diet away from all junk and ready made food to healthy and more nutritional. This will make you feel light and will show results faster and will even boost your motivation to keep moving forward.

Take a Record

Another of the handy and useful tips is to take a record of your total intake and your burned out calories. Your daily food that you have eaten and your daily exercise session is the most crucial habits you need to record in any journal, so you are aware of the total amount of calories you consumed and exerted or burned out. This will help you decide whether you can eat a little more because you are exercising so much or you should exert more because you are eating more calories than you are burning out. If you find it hard to decipher which food item carries how many calories then you can easily install any app available on internet for an easy count of the calories.

Consume More Proteins

Another of the very old yet superbly useful tip is to eat more proteins enriched food items, especially meat. Researchers say, that if you eat only 5 nuts of any kind, they are equivalent to a healthy meal but when you try that in reality, you realize that you still feel hungry even though the needed nutritional value you have consumed. This is why, you need to eat more meat, fish, chicken, salmon and eggs because it will make you feel fuller though it won’t add up to your fat in the body.

Oldest Useful Hack

The oldest yet useful hack for reducing weight is to start drinking green tea 3-4 times a day. This has countless benefits for your body other than reducing weight. For instance, your metabolism will improve, you will feel fresh inside out, you will shed weight more quickly, you will have no complaints of acidity or constipation and such like. Green tea is easy to make and doesn’t even cost you much. You can also try the ready made green tea bags to use with hot water, even when you are working or out of home.

Cut Down on Cheats

When you start to diet or follow a balanced diet plan, you stumble upon many chances to cheat that diet. The stored treats at home or guests coming over with a present of delightful sweets like cake or pastries should be consumed by your family but not you. You must cut down on your cheats and keep away from staggering treats. If you have a sweet tooth or you are so fond of sweets then bake the non-fattening items at home for your cheats. Say a complete ‘No’ to all the sodas because they are fattening and not good for your health even when they are sugar or fat free.

Install Useful Apps

We find this trick very useful because all you have to do is to install all the suitable and effective apps from the internet that can help you in your journey of reducing weight. Be it a recording journal, an app for counting calories or a pedometer that gives you challenges and motivates you to achieve those challenges by walking an extra mile or two, helping you in burning a lot of calories in a present for winning the challenge.

Drink More Water

You must drink a lot of water every day. This will keep you properly hydrated while you are working out and will also help you to stay fuller in your stomach at more times and you won’t feel much of an urge to eat more or within less gaps in between meal times.

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