It is wonderful to be expecting a baby, and every woman that goes through the process would want it to be as painless as possible. Unfortunately, it can be a rough ride sometimes, especially when it is the first pregnancy – although subsequent pregnancies can have their own challenges to overcome.

The changes in hormone levels as the pregnancy continues bring along some physical discomforts, and these aches and pains can affect the quality of sleep. Every trimester in the pregnancy period brings along unique challenges in sleeping habits and quality. In fact, a 2016 study revealed that the problem is very common – a whole 78 percent of women go through problems with sleeping at some point in the pregnancy, even though many of them thought the problems will come when they are new parents.

So with all this information, what are the challenges to expect and some tips to deal with them? Read on for more.

The frequent need to visit the bathroom

This problem usually occurs in the first and third trimesters, and it is all thanks to the HCG pregnancy hormone that is at high levels during these stages. In addition, during the first trimester in particular, the kidneys need to filter out more blood amounts than usual – up to 50 percent more – and that can only mean only one thing: more urine.

In the third trimester, the uterus has grown and stretched to a considerable size, but it is then pressing down on the bladder, so that means you make more trips to the bathroom.

To combat this issue, it is good to drink lots of fluids throughout your day, but reduce the intake when your bedtime approaches. In the occasion that you need to go for a bathroom break, you can leave a night light on in your bathroom or choose to install a dimmer switch. If the bathroom has lights that are too bright, it may be very hard for you to fall asleep again.

General levels of discomfort

This is something that unfortunately happens throughout the pregnancy, but it increases in the second and third trimesters.

Mostly this will manifest itself as lacking a comfortable position that you can use to sleep. For instance, if you like sleeping on your stomach, you cannot use it anymore. Back sleepers also need a new position because it is not advisable to sleep on your back after the first trimester. This is also because the uterus begins to press on the main vein that carries the blood to the heart from your lower body and interferes with circulation…

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