Having clear, even, and smooth skin all over the body is everyone’s ultimate beauty goal. This includes areas that are not commonly visible to the public, like bikini lines, armpits and back areas including the anal areas. Good skin, especially in your intimate parts, boosts your confidence and consequently improves your mood, relationships, and even work productivity.

Unfortunately, a consumer nowadays is bombarded with a plethora of choices for whitening creams and where sensitive areas are concerned, you cannot simply risk your health and safety. Here is a short guide on what you need to look for in anal bleaching creams.

Avoid products that contain toxic chemicals

Parabens, usually used as preservatives in beauty and hygiene products, are known to cause cancer in humans. Thus you are better off buying paraben-free products. If possible, choose those with natural ingredients. Products such as Intilight’s anal and genital bleaching cream are made with the required 2-percent concentration of hydroquinone and specially formulated with natural buffering ingredients, thus making it safe to use on all skin colors.

Furthermore, most whitening products nowadays come in tubes and jars. However, some would recommend buying airless pumps because these containers are able to maintain freshness of the product for longer storage.

Avoid fragrances

Some people are extra sensitive to fragrances, regardless of how light the scent is. There may be reactions that will cause skin irritation, peeling, redness, and itchiness, especially when your anal area is oftentimes damp and the skin is rather thin. You cannot risk having irritated anal skin also when you know it is used for other biological purposes like urinating and defecating.

Other than fragrances and strong ingredients, coloring agents, especially the industrial grade, may also be possible irritants. Choose a colorless or white cream over the pinkish or yellowish one to play it safe. And at the slightest sign of irritation, discontinue the usage immediately.

Consider the Greasiness

Oiliness is not ideal for anal whitening creams. The body part itself is already moist and the possibility of applying greasy creams might not only be uncomfortable but also burdensome. It is best to test the product before purchasing, because different skin types react to a certain product differently.

Do your Homework and Research about the Product’s Effectiveness

It’s already given that you need to read the label before buying. Yet some manufacturers sugarcoat product information and as such, you have to go the extra mile and read reviews. Where possible, asking people who have used the bleaching product is also recommended. For an added layer of safety, you can also consult with a dermatologist as different people have different skin types.

Don’t Buy into the Instant Promises

You can never judge a product by its promises, only by its results. Usually, visible and permanent results start showing over the course of time, not instantly. The lightening treatment take at least 5-6 weeks of consistent use for maximum results. This particularly holds true for those with darker natural complexion. So you need to be aware of products that offer instant solutions. More likely, they contain powerful and potentially skin-damaging chemicals. As always, safety and health should be the priority over vanity.

If your sensitive body areas are your ultimate skin problem, seek quality over trendy products. You may even be tempted to compromise product quality for affordability. But this should not be the case. Your skin’s health should be worth the investment.

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