The Mughal era of the Indo-Pak subcontinent is one of the most popular eras of all the time. The royal culture, the style, the magnificence and the ways in which Mughal emperors and their women carried their life was very famous and is still admired and looked upon.

Anarkali dress acquired its name from the courtesan who used to be present in the court of Mughal emperor, Badshah Akbar. It is widely rumored that the son, Jehangir, and Anarkali loved each other and wanted to be together, but Badshah Akbar did not comply to this alliance and had Anarkali buried amidst two walls.

The authenticity of this myth is debatable but the beauty and love for Anarkali and her story that had inspired many films, theatre, songs and most importantly, the Anarkali dress can hardly be neglected.

The Anarkali, also known as the Anarkali dress has its name in the Urdu language that means pomegranate blossom. The Anarkali dress resembles the pomegranate as it is a gracious and magnificent attire.

It might have arisen as a special suit since the time of the Mughals, but it has not since been gone from the wardrobes of women as it is a forever classic.

Bollywood divas like Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai Bachan have adorned themselves on numerous events with the enchanting Anarkali dress and made it even more special.

Style of the Anarkali attire: Anarkali is a dress like a garment and it consists of a long (sometimes short) frock. This frock is not an ordinary one because it has all the features that make the wearer look stunning.

The bodice of Anarkali is fitted till the chest region and is cinched just below the chest from where it is widely loosened and flows exhibiting a scene just like that of a blooming flower. The frock’s length usually falls till the knee but can be longer as well.

Some features of the Anarkali dress are listed below:

Suits women of all physiques: the Anarkali has such a style that suits women with a slim or a heavy physique body, both. It won’t make the wearer look slimmer or heavier but will give an altogether royal look owing to its classic design and flowery silhouette. Whether you are tall or short, this dress will compliment your body in a grand way.

Camouflages the middle portion: It is not a secret that the middle portion of the belly is often not in shape and when you wear formal, fitted dresses, it may make you look a bit out of shape. But the Anarkali dress has such a design that it is fitted only in the chest region and has a loosely fitted flow that will camouflage your middle portion and you won’t have to worry about your belly…

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