Everyone has their ‘thing’ in fashion. For my mom, it’s bags. For my boyfriend, it’s watches. For me, surprisingly, it’s shoes.

I say surprisingly because despite the fact that I have a wardrobe full of them I always end up wearing the same pair. It’s probably because my ideas of when and how to style them are quite limited — I always end up buying heels when I go shoe shopping, rather than shoes I can wear everyday!

Just a small disclaimer, this post is dedicated to my love and hate affair with shoes. Maybe you can relate, maybe you think I’m just a God at rambling.

But are shoes worth the investment? Where can we find comfort and style?

My boyfriend, Jay, always says that you should invest in shoes and a good mattress. Because if you’re not asleep, you’re most likely on your feet (which isn’t actually true when you have an office job!). However, he has a point.

My shoe wardrobe varies massively because I can’t seem to stick with one style when it comes to shoes. Everything takes my fancy and I have pairs that, I’m sure, would suit anyone and every member of the Royal Family. But I’d like to get my shoe style nailed and I definitely need a little fashion blogger to blogger advice on how I can do that. Do you guys tend to go for comfort? Or Style? What’s your go to shop for shoes? Who does the best shoes that are stylish but also won’t kill my feet? These are the questions shoe lovers, including me, need answered.

I invested in a pair of Louboutins two weeks ago. I’ve worn them twice since and they already look absolutely buggered on the bottom. I thought I’d only have to get the red sole re-done after a few years. But really they need doing now. Plus whilst they are pretty comfy as far as high heels go, they’re very slippy (something I hope the re-sole will counter-act). My best piece of advice is to not wear them to a…

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