Winter is here and so are dry scalp and dandruff. We all know for a fact that hair tends to dry out and begins to fall greatly in winter. Therefore, it needs extra care in this season than any other.

Using old ways of pampering your hair may not work the same way in winter. So, what should one do to maintain the health of the hair? Fret not! The only key to nourished and bouncy hair in winter is to add moisture in the scalp as much as possible.

Now, how do we do that and what ingredients do we exactly need? Here are some super easy and equally effective remedies that will not only moisturize your hair but also increase its volume greatly.

So, what are you waiting for? Read through and try these tips out now!

Lessen the use of shampoo

Shampoo is essential when it comes to removing dirt and excess oil from the hair. However, it also takes away the natural oils present in our hair leaving it dry and dead. In order to retain the moisture in the hair and prevent it from oil-stripping chemicals, reduce its use in winter.

Shampooing once or twice a week should be enough. However, if you feel that your hair tends to get oily, try dry shampoo instead. Also, get your hands on an organic shampoo if your budget allows. It will help prevent the dryness that chemical-induced shampoos cause.

Prevent hair from heat

We know exactly how soothing it is to take a hot bath in the freezing cold. Unfortunately, the overexposure to heat does not only strip the natural oil of your hair but your skin as well. Therefore, it is best to use lukewarm water for shower or at least try to keep the heat as low as possible.

Also, reduce the use of heat-producing styling tools. If you cannot do so, apply a great deal of heat protection spray and serum and use the…

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