A bridal shower is an unforgettable event for any bride. As the maid of honor/BFF, you need to make it the best! This day is more important for you than anyone else. Also, it is a great way to flaunt the hidden event planning talent.

Throwing a bridal shower is a huge responsibility for the maid of honor / best friend of the bride. It is the most important test any best friend goes through in a lifetime for her friend. While attending and executing a bridal shower can be an unforgettable memory, the planning phase can prove to be a trip through hell.

It is already bad enough when you – the bridesmaid – has to handle your sweet best friend from turning into a Bridezilla during the wedding. However, as stressful as planning the ultimate bridal shower your best friend deserves can be, it pays off a hundred times over when it is all said and done.

The theme, invitations, décor, dress code, activities, games, place and take home gifts. There are just so many options out there for everything! While the prime project manager is the maid of honor and her team of bridesmaids, there is always help you can take from other family members and friends.

To throw your beloved friend or sister the ultimate, perfect bridal shower we have concocted a list of essentials you should tick off before the big day.

The Essentials

Before you throw yourself here and there to plan the best of the best bridal shower, here are the essentials to keep in mind to polish your event planner talent.

Who pays?

This is all about you: the maid of honor. In the past, it was found distasteful for family members to host the party but now everything goes. You can also ask the bridesmaids to chip in or split the cost. It is also okay to ask the guests to go Dutch and pay for themselves such as booking a spa or dinner reservation.

Where should it be?

Almost anywhere on the Earth. Lately, people have done crazy things for the bridal shower. You can even host it in the air! Traditionally, preferred bridal shower settings are cozy spaces where the girls can…

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