The most common problem that a lot of us face in our routine life is the bad health of our teeth and a toothache. In this regard, we always talk about the things that are damaging our teeth, including the food or the habits that weaken our teeth and we end up with cavity, gum disease, weak roots and lots of such issues created by them.

But, if you are a foodie or a person who believes in prevention, then we can suggest you a couple of edible items that can actually make your teeth healthier with least chances to fall prey to any tooth or gum disease.

Below are the things that you can easily consume along with the healthy habits of brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing to maintain healthy teeth.

One thing that you can consume in your daily routine is the sugarless gum. It will not only keep the mouth fresh but will also help you fight countless diseases like plaque and other acids. It develops the strength and maintains tooth enamel. Some common reasons to chew this gum are to get rid of dry mouth, reduce mouth sensitivity and because it also protects your tooth from decaying before age and time. When we chew sugarless gum, it increases the general amount of saliva in our mouth which helps in washing away all the harmful bacteria and thus increases the life of our teeth.

We always hear about the milk being the best dairy item to strengthen your teeth and bones as it contains calcium but what we don’t often hear is why calcium is important for our teeth? It is because it helps us fight the periodontal (gum) disease and makes our jaw strong through just 300 miligrams (one cup) of milk a day. This is why, it is known as the best product but we must make sure that it is unsweetened for better results.

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