In times when buying clothes is as easy as a click on your smartphone and where it is conveniently being delivered to your doorsteps, many falls in love with online shopping. People, especially working women and stay at home moms, find the experience awesome as it saves time and energy at the same time. And that the idea of going to the mall and rummaging huge file of clothes to come up with a working style seems like a lot of work. However, due to this, women almost always have the same common problem – the lack of closet space.

Here are some tips on how you can get rid and earn money from your old clothes and create more space for your new ones!


Easy Tip Number 1: Clean Out Your Closet (Segment)

Learn the value of cutting the clutter and on how to segment your clothes, which ones are suitable to donate? Are there some things you can recycle? And lastly, which clothes are perfect to sell. Another tip is to properly categorize these clothes per season so you can sell them at a higher price; such example would be knitted and coats which are in demand from November until February.

You can also take into consideration the events and upcoming festivals in your area where you can sell some of your vanity kits.

Easy Tip Number 2: Earn Some Money (Sell)

Once everything has been sorted out, the next thing to do is know where to sell your clothes online.

You can sell your clothes via e-bay or by creating your personal facebook page where you can showcase your clothes to your friends who might be interested to buy them. Alternatively, you can also set up an account online like thread up especially if you have some kids clothes. Or if you’re selling branded and high-end clothes or accessories the best site would be…

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