People, especially bikers, protect themselves from road accident by wearing a helmet; airbag in cars also prevents one from an impact.

Now, what about our health? Doesn’t it also need such protection? It sure does but in an entirely different way.

You only need to make some changes to your lifestyle to lead a healthy life. And just one small positive alteration and you can avert issues like high blood pressure.

High blood pressure issues are a big concern for reputable health bodies across the world. Take a look at the reports from the World Health Organization on high blood pressure.

They show that millions of people around the world lose the battle to this condition on a large scale on an annual basis.

But the good thing is you can defend yourself and maintain healthy blood pressure levels. You might not have the capacity to change a high blood pressure issue caused by genetic factors.

But you can make lifestyle changes if you make up your mind. So if you are ready to defend your health, here are three things you need to do starting from today.

1. Watch your sodium consumption

When issues regarding high blood pressure come up, one vital organ that doesn’t get much attention is the kidney. But this organ plays a crucial role in making one healthy. It helps to filter the blood and removing toxins from the body.

But excess salt consumption can be harmful to this organ. It creates a kind of imbalance and causes the kidney to over labor itself, leading to toxin build-up and other devastating conditions. The reason is that organ will no longer be able to function to capacity.

Is excess sodium intake from home cooked foods?

Excess sodium intake is not only from foods cooked at home. According to the FDA, about 75 per cent of salt Americans consume comes from packaged and fast foods.

Our busy lives somehow contribute to an increase in sodium intake. There isn’t enough time to prepare home-cooked foods these days. Tight schedules, desire to make more wealth and other responsibilities take up a more significant part of our time.

But it’s still very possible to cut down on sodium intake. It all boils down to discipline. Below are a few tips that will also help you reduce sodium intake from foods:

  • Cook with less salt.
  • Always get your salt shaker out of sight.
  • Don’t exceed the recommended 2300 mg of daily salt consumption for adults.
  • Consume more potassium-rich foods such as banana, oranges, cucumber, and grapefruit. They can help remove excess salt from the body.

2. Have moderate or no alcohol

Alcohol is another factor that leads to high blood pressure. So, whenever the urge to have more drinks come knocking, try to resist it. On the bright side, alcohol, when taken…

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