That little voice in your head, criticizing you every chance it gets. You know what voice I’m talking about. It’s a bit annoying, but should not be ignored. It can be a wonderful, uplifting guide on your journey to greatness.

A lot of people have trouble keeping their inner voice in check and it will certainly lead to their downfall one way or another. Falling deeper and deeper into depressive thought. Developing a mindset that constantly tells you that you are worthy of absolutely nothing.

I’ve written this post to help you change your current state of mind. To grab your inner voice by the short-hairs and turn it into a voice that will assist you on your path toward greatness. That’s why I’ve also included a guided meditation. So that you can immediately take action that will change the way you think.

The sooner you learn to control your own mind, the better.

Whenever your inner voice has something negative to say, immediately turn it into a positive. For example: “I am worthy of nothing, I can’t even pass a stupid test.” Replace that false accusation with something more uplifting, “I am worthy of anything I put my mind to. Next time I’ll try harder.”

Sounds easy, right? That’s because it is easy. Instead of falling into a hole filled with self doubt, motivate yourself to try harder and eventually you will conquer your obstacles.

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