Keeping motivated when you’re busy isn’t something I addressed in my previous post, even though it was all about being busy and making sure you take breaks.

Knowing the difference between you needing to take a serious break from work and to go abroad, and knowing when you need to push through and keep going at a deadline is key between tackling a challenge and having something affect your mental health.

Despite battling with jobs, internships, freelancing and an MA I do love keeping busy. But I do need to self-motivate and keep my spirits up when I’m tired and have something to submit or a deadline to complete at work.

I think having a few things that keep you grounded, that give you a new sense of energy and give you a sense of motivation in your home or office where you’re working is key to keeping going when you feel like quitting your job or blogs or internship. Some people take solace in lame jokes or motivational quotes or motivational Facebook videos to keep them going. But here are a few things that help me…

1. Read blogs that you like. This helps me when I’m lacking in motivation and need some inspiration.

2. Light your favourite candle. Scent is the strongest sense connected to memory, light a candle that makes you remember something great.

3. Take a quick meditation break. Even if you’re at work this can lift the pressure and make the spotlight feel a lot less harsh on you. Headspace is a very popular app for this, but I really don’t agree with it. Simple YouTube videos do the trick for me.

4. Watch an episode of your favourite TV show. Whether that’s Friends or Gossip Girl, make it lighthearted. Watching an episode of 13 Reasons Why or Black Mirror when you aren’t feeling great may make you feel worse.

5. Send a text to your best friend or partner. Ask them for something to motivate you or simply ask them what they love about you.

6. Go out and grab a coffee. Coffee definitely gets me through my work day and all my days at University. Grab yourself a caffeine kick or a green tea if you’re not into coffee.

7. Treat yourself to some chocolate. Chocolate releases endorphins and…

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