Ira Dost

Full Name: Ira Dost Age: 21 yearsAstrological sign: Aquarius (The Water-Bearer)Place of birth: Bilbao (Spain) Height: 177 centimetersWeight: 61 kilogramsBreasts: 88 centimetersWaist: 60 centimetersHips: 91 centimetersShoe/Feet: unknownBra size: 32BCup size: BEyes color: AmberHair: Natural Brown, Medium Studies: Bachelor of ArtsHobbies: Watching movies, scuba diving, movie collecting, racquetballNow living in: Bremen (Germany)Would love to live in: … [Read more…]

Cecily Itter

Full Name: Cecily Itter Age: 24 yearsAstrological sign: Gemini (The Twins)Place of birth: Prague (Czech Republic) Height: 168 centimetersWeight: 59 kilogramsBreasts: 92 centimetersWaist: 54 centimetersHips: 86 centimetersShoe/Feet: unknownBra size: 32ECup size: EEyes color: HazelHair: Brown, Shoulder length hair Studies: Undergraduate degreeHobbies: Playing piano, mountain biking, seashell collecting, bowlingNow living in: Valencia (Spain)Would love to live … [Read more…]