Miriam Stambouli

Full Name: Miriam Stambouli Age: 24 yearsAstrological sign: Leo (The Lion)Place of birth: Birmingham (United Kingdom) Height: 170 centimetersWeight: 53 kilogramsBreasts: 87 centimetersWaist: 64 centimetersHips: 94 centimetersShoe/Feet: unknownBra size: 34CCup size: CEyes color: Light BlueHair: Dark Blond, Long Studies: College studiesHobbies: Playing piano, coloring, skiing, seashell collectingNow living in: Rome (Italy)Would love to live in: … [Read more…]

Cory Matri

Full Name: Cory Matri Age: 26 yearsAstrological sign: Cancer (The Crab)Place of birth: Dublin (Ireland) Height: 175 centimetersWeight: 58 kilogramsBreasts: 88 centimetersWaist: 54 centimetersHips: 88 centimetersShoe/Feet: unknownBra size: 32ACup size: AEyes color: HazelHair: Natural Brown, Long Studies: Bachelor’s degreeHobbies: Magic, scuba diving, coin collecting, tour skatingNow living in: Munich (Germany)Would love to live in: Barcelona … [Read more…]