Heidi Boyata

Full Name: Heidi Boyata Age: 20 yearsAstrological sign: Sagittarius (The Archer)Place of birth: Aberdeen (United Kingdom) Height: 179 centimetersWeight: 61 kilogramsBreasts: 86 centimetersWaist: 63 centimetersHips: 91 centimetersShoe/Feet: unknownBra size: 32BCup size: BEyes color: AmberHair: Golden Blond, Short Studies: College studiesHobbies: Sewing, singing, swimming, tour skatingNow living in: Zaragoza (Spain)Would love to live in: Dresden (Germany)london … [Read more…]

Vivian Kurylenko

Full Name: Vivian Kurylenko Age: 23 yearsAstrological sign: Taurus (The Bull)Place of birth: Reims (France) Height: 182 centimetersWeight: 60 kilogramsBreasts: 85 centimetersWaist: 55 centimetersHips: 88 centimetersShoe/Feet: unknownBra size: 32FCup size: FEyes color: Light BrownHair: Golden Blond, Medium Studies: College studiesHobbies: Flower arranging, running, record collecting, squashNow living in: Manchester (United Kingdom)Would love to live in: … [Read more…]