Becky Burke

Full Name: Becky Burke Age: 19 yearsAstrological sign: Scorpio (The Scorpion)Place of birth: Eindhoven (Netherlands) Height: 178 centimetersWeight: 56 kilogramsBreasts: 92 centimetersWaist: 60 centimetersHips: 92 centimetersShoe/Feet: unknownBra size: 32FCup size: FEyes color: GrayHair: Copper, Medium Studies: University studiesHobbies: Table tennis, board games, bird watching, squashNow living in: Vienna (Austria)Would love to live in: Helsinki (Finland)escort … [Read more…]

Shauna Leiva

Full Name: Shauna Leiva Age: 22 yearsAstrological sign: Pisces (The Fish)Place of birth: Graz (Austria) Height: 174 centimetersWeight: 60 kilogramsBreasts: 94 centimetersWaist: 65 centimetersHips: 86 centimetersShoe/Feet: unknownBra size: 32ECup size: EEyes color: AmberHair: Light Brown, Medium Studies: Master’s degreeHobbies: Lego building, rafting, postcard collecting, fencingNow living in: Hamburg (Germany)Would love to live in: Dresden (Germany)london … [Read more…]