Dolores Cohee

Full Name: Dolores Cohee Age: 24 yearsAstrological sign: Aquarius (The Water-Bearer)Place of birth: Bratislava (Slovakia) Height: 177 centimetersWeight: 58 kilogramsBreasts: 94 centimetersWaist: 64 centimetersHips: 88 centimetersShoe/Feet: unknownBra size: 32ACup size: AEyes color: BrownHair: Strawberry Blond, Short Studies: University studiesHobbies: Stand-up comedy, astronomy, swimming, tennisNow living in: Bremen (Germany)Would love to live in: Rome (Italy)london escorts … [Read more…]

Rebecca Wetklo

Full Name: Rebecca Wetklo Age: 25 yearsAstrological sign: Scorpio (The Scorpion)Place of birth: Den Haag (Netherlands) Height: 180 centimetersWeight: 58 kilogramsBreasts: 95 centimetersWaist: 64 centimetersHips: 90 centimetersShoe/Feet: unknownBra size: 32BCup size: BEyes color: GreenHair: Auburn, Short Studies: Bachelor of Science degreeHobbies: Puzzles, kite flying, skiing, pigeon racingNow living in: Dresden (Germany)Would love to live in: … [Read more…]